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Berenice Abbott

Light Through Prism, Vintage silver print, ca. 1958.
ReturnLight Through Prism

Inventory number: 6958

Title: Light Through Prism

Date: ca. 1958

Medium: Vintage silver print

Image size: 6½ in (16.5 cm) high by 75/16 in (18.6 cm) wide

Description: Stamped “Please credit Berenice Abbott Educational Services Inc.” with negative number “8-318” in pencil and other information on reverse of the photograph.

Illustrated: O’Neal, H., Berenice Abbott [2008], Vol. 1, Cover & p. 221 [therein titled: Light through Prism].

Price: $4,500


ReturnBouncing Ball

Inventory number: 1002

Title: Bouncing Ball

Date: ca. 1958

Medium: Vintage silver print

Image size: 3⅜ in (8.6 cm) high by 6⅞ in (17.5 cm) wide

Description: Mounted to green card measuring 3 1/2 x 7 inches.

Notes: Berenice Abbott used a strobe in this photograph to capture the trajectory of a bouncing steel ball. In 1939, Abbott wrote “endowing [scientific phenomena] so strange and unfamiliar to the public with the poetry of its own vast implications would seem to me to lead logically from my previous experience.” In 1958 she secured a contract with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to photograph scientific subjects. Three books of her photographs documenting the principles of physical science were published: Magnet [1964], Motion [1965], and The Attractive Universe [1969]. Currently, two museums are honoring Abbott’s accomplishments in the field with exhibitions entitled Photography and Science: An Essential Unity [May 3, 2012 to December 31, 2012] at the MIT Museum and Making Science Visible: The Photography of Berenice Abbott, which opened August 31 at the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia.

Price: $4,500


ReturnStrobe Photograph of a Bouncing Steel Ball

Inventory number: 3124

Title: Strobe Photograph of a Bouncing Steel Ball

Date: ca. 1958

Medium: Vintage silver print

Image size: 4 in (10.2 cm) high by 2⅞ in (7.3 cm) wide

Description: Photographer’s Maine stamp “Original Photograph / Berenice Abbott / Abbott Village, Maine” on reverse of the print

Price: $4,500


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