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Arthur Kales

USA, 1882–1936
Martha Graham, Vintage bromoil transfer in blue and white pigments on black paper, ca. 1921.
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Inventory number: 7006

Title: Martha Graham

Date: ca. 1921

Medium: Vintage bromoil transfer in blue and white pigments on black paper

Image size: 131/2 in (332.7 cm) high by 101/2 in (256.5 cm) wide

Description: Numerous exhibition stickers adhered to the reverse of the photograph.

Provenance: Estate of Arthur Kales

Notes: This photograph portrays Graham dancing a role in Spanish Suite as a member of the Ruth St. Denis Dancers.

Price: $5,500


ReturnArthur Kales

Arthur Kales  was a major pictorialist photographer in California, known especially for his superb mastery of the bromoil transfer  process. Born in Arizona  Arthur Kales moved to California in 1903 to earn a law degree, but he found photography instead. By 1918, Kales was deeply committed to the popular Los Angeles pictorialist movement. By 1922 he was a regular essayist for the journal, Photograms of the Year. In 1928, Kales was awarded a fellowship from the United Kingdom’s Royal Photographic Society and had a fifty-print retrospective of his photographs at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.


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