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Rudolf Sikora

Slovakia, 1946–

Nie!, Ãno?, ĀĀĀno! [No! Yes? Yes!!!], Vintage silver prints, 1980.
Nie!, Ãno?, ĀĀĀno! [No! Yes? Yes!!!], Vintage silver prints, 1980.
ReturnNie!, Ãno?, ĀĀĀno! [No! Yes? Yes!!!]

Inventory number: 8194

Title: Nie!, Ãno?, ĀĀĀno! [No! Yes? Yes!!!]

Date: 1980

Medium: Vintage silver prints

Image size: 24½ in (62.2 cm) high by 11⅝ in (29.5 cm) wide

Description: Triptych comprised of three vintage silver prints. Signed, titled and dated in pencil on the mat.

Notes: Slovak artist Rudolf Sikora entered the art scene in the relatively open political climate of Czechoslovakia during the 1960s. After the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops into Czechoslovakia in August 1968 and subsequent military occupation, the nation’s Prague Spring abruptly ended. In No!, Yes?, Yes!!! Sikora uses self-portraits to enact the gradual capitulation of the nation’s citizens to the Soviet invasion and the subsequent repression: their initial resistance, their growing resignation, and the ultimate defeat of the human spirit under oppression.

Price: $15,000


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