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Minor White: Parking Lot, Battery Street, San Francisco

Péter Türk: Flying

Natalia LL [Lach-Lachowicz]: Stłowo [Word]

Werner Mantz: Usine

Wright Morris: Indiana

Ansel Adams: Ferns, Rain Forest, Hawaii

Laura Gilpin: Iris

Man Ray: Rayograph

Josef Sudek: Labyrinth

Laura Gilpin: Navajos by Firelight

Paul Outerbridge Jr.: Seated Nude

Albert Renger-Patzsch: Langenes bei Abend

Barbara Kozłowska: I’m Slipping Away

Edward Weston: Dunes, Oceano

Edward Weston: Stump Against Sky

Edward Weston: Clouds

Edward Weston: Dunes, Oceano

Clarence White: Garden at the Home of George Ball

Minor White: Tim Asch and Sandstone Sculpture, Point Lobos, California

Eleanor Antin: 100 Boots

Willy Ronis: Le Nu Provençal

Minor White: Miner‘s Shack, Bodie, California

George Platt Lynes: In the Studio: Paul Cadmus [1904-1999], George Tooker [1920-2011] & Jared French [1905-1988]

Pierre Boulat: Alexander Calder [1898-1977]

Dorothea Lange: Maynard Dixon [1875-1946]

Peter Juley: Nicolai Fechin [1881-1955]

Isaiah West Taber: Portrait of Painter Thomas Hill [1829-1908]

Alfredo Valente: Marsden Hartley [1877-1943]

Robert Frank: In his Studio: Franz Kline [1910-1962]

Margaret French: Edward Hopper [1882-1967]

Hazel Larsen Archer: Portrait of Mail Artist,Ray Johnson [1927-1995]

Irving Penn: Jacob Lawrence [1917-2000] and Gwendolyn Knight [1913-2007]

Daniel Frasnay: Louise Nevelson in Her Studio, New York [1899-1988]

Richard Pousette-Dart: Barnett Newman [1905-1970]

Alfred Stieglitz: Georgia OKeeffe at her Exhibition at Gallery 291 [1887-1986]

Ansel Adams: In his Studio: Gottardo Piazonni [1872-1945]

Barbara Kozłowska: [Still/Video Performance]

Barbara Kozłowska: [Still/Video Performance]

Edward Weston: Diego Rivera [1886-1957]

Man Ray: Joseph Stella [1877-1946]

George Platt Lynes: Yves Tanguy [1900-1944]

Paul Cadmus: Artist George Tooker [1920-2011] on Fire Island

Adolphe Giraudon: John Singer Sargent [1856-1929] in His Studio with the Painting of Madame X

Natalia LL [Lach-Lachowicz]: Miejsca Oddalone o 1500 km [Places 1500 Kilometers Apart]

Géza Perneczky: Art Bubbles

Anna Kutera: Comparative System from the Cycle Morphology of the New Reality

Andrej Paruzel: Video Installation Exercise

Marijan Molnar: Daily Light [Self-portraits]

Marijan Molnar: Star in the Palm on My Hand

Marek Piasecki: Metabolism

Marek Piasecki: Heliograph

Rudolf Sikora: Nie!, Ãno?, ĀĀĀno! [No! Yes? Yes!!!]

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