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Natalia LL [Lach-Lachowicz]: Sztuka Konsumcyjna (Consumer Art)

Natalia LL [Lach-Lachowicz]: Self-Portrait

Natalia LL [Lach-Lachowicz]: Self-Portrait with Andrej Lachowicz

Anna Kutera: Phatic Function

Andrej Lachowicz: Rue de la Genesie [Portrait of Natalia LL]

Eugene Atget: Saint Cloud [Fountain]

Josef Sudek: Springtime

Edward Weston: Taos, New Mexico

Robert Frank: Venice, California [Backyard-Venice West]

Anna Kutera: Psia Afera/Dogs Affair

Edward Weston: Monna Alfau [Texidor]

Anna Kutera: Remanant/The Inventory

Ansel Adams: Near Taos Pueblo

Natalia LL [Lach-Lachowicz]: Miejsca Oddalone o 1500 km [Places 1500 Kilometers Apart]

Anna Kutera: Its in Squares

Rudolf Sikora: Nie!, Ãno?, ĀĀĀno! [No! Yes? Yes!!!]

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